Thursday, May 27, 2004

It's not like you heard it here first, but how about that Simon Lessing for top dog in Kona in 2004? With his swim/run based win at Disney half and with the seemingly bike-leg-negating "stagger rule" in place, who knows. Dude needs to get himself a web page, assuming he has some sponsors that care about publicity. On the other hand, Michellie Jones won Ralph's and even though she was fairly dominant she doesn't seem keen to double the distance. Here's a nice little tribute page to Michellie from an Aussie schoolkid. I also notice that Ironman elder statesman Bill Bell copped a Hawaii slot at Disney in the 80+ - good luck to him in Kona.

As happens from time to time, the comic strip Frazz touches on endurance sports in a recent episode. The author, Jeff Mallett, an avid cyclist and triathlete, was recently interviewed by Inside Triathlon.

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