Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Triathletes Behind the Mic - Former world #1 Siri Lindley is commentating for both Women's Field Hockey and Triathlon at the Athens Games

Water Polo silver medalist turned elite triathlete Julie Swail has the duty for the polo pool.

Speaking of commentators, is it just me or is diving expert Cynthia Potter a dead ringer for actress Holly Hunter, vocally speaking wise? Man that Raising Arizona was a pretty amusing flick.

The women's Olympic Triathlon in Athens, Greece was won by Austria's Kate Allen, coming from behind with a wicked run split. Second was Australian Loretta Harrop. No web sites for either of these gals, much to the dismay of their sponsors I'm sure. Coming in for the Bronze was the USA's Susan Williams, the third and final qualifier. A few tidbits about Susan are here. All 3 should take a cue from Barb Lindquist and get some information out there!

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