Monday, July 10, 2006

Ironman Canada will no longer allow people to sign friends up for the following year's event on the day after the race. I think that's a good thing, but it's not clear whether that will really result in there being a significant number of slots available by lottery online in the following weeks. Certainly it's better for the local economy since those intent on getting in will have to show up in person on race weekend...might result in some additional experienced volunteers as well, since all Ironman athletes are so enthusiastic about giving back to the sport...right? Ahem. At any rate, it's a great course...the best Ironman course in the world (no loops!) with great community support. The $20 lottery fee applies to your entry fee, but still...why is it non-refundable? It's not like there is any variable cost to having more lottery entrants.

Peter Reid retires from racing...again. This time he means it - sounds like he'll be happier. An extremely talented athlete, built for Ironman. Best of luck to him for the future!

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